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School Building Fund

Dear Parents/Carers

St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School - Building Fund 

I am writing to you on behalf of the Governing body to explain why St. Augustine's needs financial support from our parents, and to ask you to join the parents who already help our school.

As a Catholic school, we have 'grant aided' status.  This gives us the freedom to provide the Catholic education which you have chosen for your child.  However, this freedom comes at a price.  We have to find 10% of the cost of developing and maintaining the school buildings ourselves - ordinary State schools don't have to do this.

Your Governing Body therefore runs a Building Fund, to raise funds for our 10% commitment and other expenditure for the benefit of the school.  We invite all parents to make regular Standing Order payments to the Fund, which is an essential support to St. Augustine's.  Completing a Gift Aid declaration form also means that for every pound you donate, the Building Fund wil also receive an extra 28 pence from HM Revenue & Customs, making your donation go even further.

To support the Building Fund, please complete and return the Standing Order and Gift Aid forms available from the school office.  We suggest a contribution of £5 per month for each child attending St. Augustine's, although the amount is of course a suggestion should you decide to donate more.

In previous years we have been fortunate to receive 90% LCVAP funding for the building development of our school.  We cannot accept 90% without our 10% contribution from the Building Fund.  St. Augustine's as it exists today owes much to the generosity of previous parents.  It needs the support of parents, now and in the future to continue to develop our school for our children.  I know myself that there are many calls on parents for money, but I do hope you will be able to help us.

Yours sincerley

Chair of Governors



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