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The Teaching and Learning Committee for 2023-24  are:

Year 1: Lily and Harry                                         Year 4: Tilly and Lochlan

Year 2: Rocco and Georgia                                Year 5: Ellis and Nirvi

Year 3: Olivia and John                                       Year 6: Santino and Francesca

St Augustine's Teaching and Learning Committee

At St Augustine’s we have a Teaching and Learning Committee. 

This committee meet once a month to evaluate the quality of learning throughout the school.  The meetings include:

  • What pupils enjoy about their learning
  • The different teaching styles pupils prefer and why
  • How various activities completed within  lessons help pupils to achieve their learning objectives
  • How teachers’ marking and feedback helps pupils to know how to improve their learning and respond to next steps
  • How targets are monitored and evaluated throughout the school

After each meeting the committee report headlines to staff and pupils in class. The aim of this committee is to allow pupils to take ownership and accountability for their learning, as well as discuss effective feedback for improving the quality of learning with the support of Subject Leaders.

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