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Safer Internet Day 2024 will take place on the 6th of February 2024, with celebrations and learning based around the theme ‘Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online’.

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Globally, Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over a hundred countries, coordinated by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network, with the support of the European Commission, and national Safer Internet Centres across Europe.

The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. It calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet. For further information on this day please follow the link: https://saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/safer-internet-day-2024

At St. Augustine's, children in all year groups will take part in class based activities throughout the school day.  A leaflet relating to the above theme will be created and sent home to ensure parents are informed and updated.

Please click on the documents below for further useful information:

Please click on the icon to access useful websites

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has set up its own educational website which has been designed and written specifically for children, young people, teachers, parents and carers.
RM Safety Net is user friendly safeguarding which protects the whole school community by filtering online access.
Expert information for children and parents to stay safe online.
Family guide to video games and ratings
A non-profit making organisation working directly with children, parents and teachers to ensure that the issues of online child protection and children’s safe and positive use of the internet are addressed. Childnet International produce an online CD guide specifically for parents KnowITAll.
A beginner’s guide to using the Internet safety, including a quiz and some video tutorials about how to ‘stay safe’ on-line.
Kidsmart is an award winning internet safety website for parents and those working with children.  It has been developed by the children's internet charity Childnet International and has excellent information on many of the technologies used by children, with guidance on how to ‘stay safe’ online.
This website is about the potential dangers with interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles.  It provides information, advice, true stories and games. The resource page also contains a number of links to other useful websites.
Vodafone have developed this website in conjunction with mumsnet.  It is very accessible and provides information and guidance to parents with understanding their child’s digital world and get more involved.  There is even an on-line test to see how much you know!
Lots of guidance and articles for parents about keeping their children safe online.
Advice for parents and young people about bullying, both online and off.

One in five young people have experienced bullying by text messages or via emai. This web site gives advice for chidren and parentis on bullying.


This website provides useful tips, common sense approaches, advice and practical information for anyone who has experienced any form of antisocial behaviour/cyber bullying.
This website has been designed and written for children of all ages providing information to keep them safe online.


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