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List of Current Staff and Areas of Responsibility

Head Teacher  
Mrs G Napier Senior Leadership Team
  Designated Child Protection Officer
  Children in Public Care
  Parent Forum Leader
Deputy Head Teacher  
Mrs E Faulkner Senior Leadership Team
  Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer
  Chaplaincy Team Committee
  Religious Education Leader
  RSE Leader
  Assessment and Curriculum Leader


Nursery Teacher  

Mrs B Batchelor (2 and a half days)

Mrs C Smitham (2 and a half days)

Computing Leaders

Reception Teacher  
Mrs N Blackwell Senior Leadership Team (EYFS/KS1)
  English  Leader
  LSA Line Manager
Class 1 Teacher  

Mrs C Caparelli (Maternity leave)

Mrs V Hayward (Maternity cover)

Languages Leader
Class 2 Teacher  
Miss K Stone Science Leader
Class 3 Teacher  
Mr White  P.E. and Music Leader
Class 4 Teacher  
Mr Scott ECT - Geography and History Leader
Class 5 Teacher  
Mrs A Turner Art, Design and Technology Leader
Class 6 Teacher  
Mrs R Baldwin Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer
  Senior Leadership Team (KS2)
  Maths Leader
  MSA Line Manager
Mrs D Johnson SENCO
  Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader
PPA Teacher  
Mrs R Jackson  
Learning Support Staff  
Mrs M Amato Mrs M O'Donnell
Mrs M Amodeo Mrs R Pugsley
Mrs N Daley Mrs A Ranasingle
Mrs J Davies Mrs J Rudd
Mrs C Difato Mrs A Solazzo
Mrs L Fryer Mrs A Theodoulou
Mrs M Gilbert  
Mrs G Gulisano
Miss F Jennings  
Office Staff  
Mrs E Aversano Finance Secretary (Wed, Thurs)
Miss J Clarke Administration Cover / LSA / MSA
Mrs N Coker School Secretary / Admin - School Office
Miss S Woolford Office Manager/ Head's PA (Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri)


Midday Supervisory  
Mrs M Amodeo Miss J Clarke
Mrs D Garrott Ms V Loucas (Maternity Leave)
Mrs A Gulisano Mrs J Rudd
Mrs F Jennings
Breakfast / After School Care  
Mrs D Garrott Play Leader
Miss J Clarke Breakfast Care Play Worker
Mrs M Amato After School Care Play Worker
Premises Staff  
Mr C Rodia Caretaker
Evergreen Cleaning Contractors
Aspens School Kitchen Staff


Specialist Teachers  
Italian Teacher Ms T Macina


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