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After School Clubs

Clubs are held after the school day ends. Your child will go straight from class to the club. All clubs that we hold currently, run from 3:15pm to 4:15pm.

Please contact the provider directly for information, questions, booking and payment.

At the end of the club, you need to collect your child/children from the Breakfast/After School Care entrance/exit. Please be prompt.

St Augustine’s provide a wraparound care service by way of School Breakfast Care, After School Care and for those attending clubs, Extended Care for the time after the club has finished up until 5:30pm latest. This care is provided by the school and therefore booking and payment is made via School Gateway.



TUESDAY:          Netball, Super Star Sport

                           For: Year 3 – Year 6

THURSDAY:       Gymnastics: Super Star Sport

                           For: All years, Reception – Year 6

Contact:    01992 766 707 info@superstarsport.co.uk



WEDNESDAY:    Football, Bows Soccer

                           For: All years, Reception – Year 6

Contact:   07946 042 817 info@bowssoccer.co.uk



WEDNESDAY:   Tech Game Coding, ComputerXplorers

                          For: Year 3 – Year 6

Contact:   01992 271 220 hertfordshire@computerxplorers.co.uk

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